Slots – An Overview

What are slots?

The one-armed bandit slot machine has been around for some time and it has come a long way to say the least. Click this link for a history of slot machines.

What is a slot machine? The definition of a slot machine varies and there are many types of slot machines available. In a nutshell a slot machine is a mechanical device (however most modern slot machines are controlled by computer chips) that spins “reels” in a circle (typically three) and on each “reel” there are symbols. When the symbols land in the proper order on the “payline” the slot machine despenses the proper amount of money. The major slot machine providers today (for real physical slot machines) are IGT, Aristocrat and Bally. WCD will review all slot machines from these manufacturers in the near future. Click here if you are looking for reviews of online slot games.

Types of slot machines

Classic Slot Machine

The classic slot machine is the type that spins reels. Usually three reels but some slot machines have up to five, and newer video slots can have more than that.

For a good example (although digital) play our free classic slot machine, Cloud 9 slots (featured here in the little picture). Typically the older classic slots would have one payline, however more modern versions began offering multiple paylines. (Up to 9 or more)

Although simple in nature, the classic slot started it all and still provides hours of enjoyment every day to avid players.

Video Slot Machines

Video slots are a relatively new invention. These slot machines are really computers in fancy boxes. The major difference in classic slots vs video slots is that the video slots don’t have physical reels.

The biggest advantage to the new video slots was the interactivity they offered the slots player. These games usually have bonus rounds, or bonus games inside of the actual slot game. In other words you might hit a particular combination of symbols on the slot machine and that would trigger the bonus round or bonus game. These video slots range from rather simplistic to highly complex and involved. We’ve personally sat down at some machines and were quite confused as to what was going on.

NitroBurst is a great example of a (free) video slot machine — fill your “Nitro Meter” and get to the bonus round.

Progressive slot machines can be in the form of classic slots or video slots. At land based casinos, progressive slots are generally the most popular type. Because all the machines are networked the progressive jackpot is going up like crazy…. so you sit there and watch the jackpot rolling up before you as you plunk in your change. There is something nice about being able to win large amounts of money on a nickle.

Video Poker Terminals

Are video poker machines a type of slot machine? We put video poker in a realm of it’s own. Make sure you check our video poker page for details and try our free video poker game.